Edinburgh Tattoo in Wellington

This amazing event was held in Wellington this weekend.  Over 1200 people entertained thousands over four nights.  I went on Friday night, not expecting much, as I had no idea what it was or why it was special. I was so proud to be a kiwi, the rendition of Pokarekare Ana was spectacular, and here is a link to video to prove it (although it was much more powerful to be there with the audience humming the tune).

Pokarekare Ana 2016 Edinburgh Military Tattoo Wellington

Well done New Zealand, if you are back again in 10 years I will be getting tickets and bringing the family.

I have added a couple of photos, neither of which explain the shear volume of people at the “cake tin” or the amount performing, but you get the idea.



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NZ Fund Manager of the Year 2016 – Harbour

Well done and congratulations to Harbour Asset Management!Harbour Asset Management

New Zealand Fund Manager of the Year 2016 – Harbour Asset Management
Harbour is an outstanding steward of its investors’ capital and the well-deserved winner of Morningstar’s overall award for New Zealand funds management excellence. Originally established as a domestic equities house, the firm has expanded its offering, which now encompasses fixed interest and global capabilities, in
a sensible and well-structured manner. Performance across all asset classes was top-notch in 2015, with investors benefitting from shrewd security selection and well-judged portfolio positioning in difficult market conditions.

Fund Manager of the Year: Fixed Interest Category, New Zealand 2016 – Harbour Asset Management
Harbour’s Christian Hawkesby and Mark Brown have done an exceptional job at developing the firm’s fixed interest capability since joining forces in 2011. Their sound investment process, backed by detailed economic research and modelling, has resulted in a noteworthy track record to date. Investors looking to diversify their portfolio by including fixed interest exposure need look no further than Harbour.


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Well Done ANZ Investments

ANZ Inv logo-header

ANZ Investments was last night named International Equities Manager of the year in the 2016 Morningstar Awards.

This is great recognition for their investment team, who were also finalists for Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year and Morningstar KiwiSaver Manager of the Year.

ANZ Investments is the largest fund management company in New Zealand with over $24 billion in Funds Under Management.

Beyond the annual awards, their investment funds are consistently receiving top ratings for investment performance in Morningstar’s quarterly reports.

*Morningstar award winners are selected based on sound methodologies that emphasise outperformance over one, three, and five-year periods.  The analyst-driven Fund Manager of the Year awards recognise managers who have not only achieved impressive returns, but also been strong stewards of investors’ money.



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Well Done Mint Asset Management

Mint Wins Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year Award
for Domestic EquitiesMINT logo

Mint Asset Management has taken out the Fund Manager of the Year award for Domestic Equities at the 2016 Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year awards.

Rebecca Thomas, CEO of Mint Asset Management, said “There are nine years of collective toil behind this win. We are delighted with the award, which is a testament to the rigorous investment process and highly experienced team we have at Mint.”

Tim Murphy, Morningstar Australasia’s director of manager research, said: “The winners of the New Zealand Morningstar Awards have all shown themselves to be first-class stewards of investor capital. The quality of their people, process, parent, price and performance demonstrates their commitment to investors.”



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Once upon a time in a land far away…

I often feel that the opening line to most financial commentators should read like the opening line to a fairy tale, or a nightmare.  They tell stories about a future that hasn’t happened and make up stories that sound like the markets (read share markets) are driven by computers and not humans.

For the person who is just trying to earn a living, save a bit for retirement and generally get along with others the whole idea that there is many options for their savings is usually overwhelming.  This is where we come in, as advisers we understand the majority of options and choose the right one for you.  It is not about product, it is about the best solution for you, which may be a product or a service, or nothing at all, you are sorted.

Right now there is a new product on the market, called Lifetime Retirement Income.  You may remember annuities, they pay an income to you after you had saved for years to gain a lump sum for them to take the income from.  I have seen the conditions of some of these policies, and they are scary.  This is different.

Check out their website and see if this type of solution is right for you, then come and talk to us about it, as always there are risks, conditions and terms that must be understood. Come and see us and we will answer any more questions you have, explain the process and be able to guide you through.

This may not be the right solution for you, so come and see us to discuss your options.

DecisionMakers – and while you are there take the FREE risk tolerance test, find out what type of investor you are, or will be.

DM homepage with free assessment


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Sorry this is belated, but congratulations to Frank who won the book Ready for Anything.  We hope is it providing some great information and that you find the answers to questions you have. Frank was presented the book by one of our Auckland advisers, Colin Austin.


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Life insurance – boring!

Thank you to Mark Lynch for this excellent article on life insurance.  I have had the pleasure of running a seminar on Health Wealth and Happiness with Mark and value his opinion highly.  He is truly an adviser who is interested in the best solution for you, with or without a product.  Enjoy…

insutance flowchart hand drawing on blackboard

Life insurance.

Two words that are guaranteed to put you to sleep. It is a product that no-one wants, but most people need. It is an industry dominated by salespeople, because the insurance companies tell us that insurance needs to be sold.

I have a different view. If you are educated about what you are paying for and given clear, professional, unbiased advice, then surely life insurance just becomes another part of your financial plan, albeit one that you never want to use. We insure our houses, but I guarantee you that no-one wants their house to burn down.

In my experience, very few people get good quality advice on an ongoing basis. Even if the initial advice is good, your lives change and too few advisers review their clients, preferring to chase the high new business commissions. Yet those same advisers are paid a service commission each year. If your adviser isn’t at least contacting you annually, then you should be asking questions. And by contact, I don’t mean a form letter that is sent to all clients; I mean a telephone call, followed by a visit, where required.

The value of reviewing clients was brought home to me a few years ago when I met a new client. Click here for Bill’s story:

Bill’s Story

The biggest problem with life insurance is that it gets too expensive as you get older. This is why I’ve devised the Excelins Insurance Reducer, which adjusts your cover levels as you age. I’ve had questions from people as to why I do this, as it reduces the income I receive. There are two reasons for this:

  • It is the right thing to do. I would rather that my clients retain their insurance as long as they need it, but at an affordable level.
  • My business is referral-based. How many people do you think would recommend me to their friends and family if they haven’t seen me for years? Ask yourself if you would recommend your current broker/adviser to your nearest and dearest. If not, why not?

To find out more, have a look at: http://excelins.co.nz/insurance-reduction-plan

Contact Mark Lynch, ph 027 552 6757 or mark@excelins.co.nz

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